Road Captain Information


The OKC HOG Chapter conducts group rides for the benefit of its chapter members. The Riding Guide  contains information that each member is expected to know and observe so that everyone can participate to Ride Safe and Have Fun.


The Road Captains are responsible for conducting the Chapter Rides.They select the route and pre-ride the route prior to the ride for unsafe conditions when necessary.


Emergency Tips



Emergency Checklist


Supplies to carry in case of an emergency include:


  • Emergency numbers for police in the area in which you will be traveling (call information)

  • Basic first aid kit (provided by Chapter)

  • Mobile phone (not provided by Chapter)

  • Copies of the Injury Report Form


Role Assignments


Key roles to assign before a ride include who:


  • Is certified to give first aid?

  • Calls for emergency assistance (911)?

  • Takes the other riders to a safe place?

  • Takes pictures of the scene?

  • Talks to police officers?

  • Handles the media if they show up?

  • Fills out and submits the injury report to Harley-Davidson Insurance?