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Don't forget to renew your HOG

Chapter membership

CA Run Volunteers Meeting

Meet at HDW 9am

We will give out assignments

and lanyards.

Coffee and donuts will be provided.

34th Annual C.A. Run

Saturday, February  11, 2023

HDW 8am

First Bike out 0930

Last Bike out 1030


Road Captain's Meeting

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Meet at HDW 1030am

Bring your driver's license and proof of insurance. You have to have your M or L endorsement to be a Road Captain. 

We will have a small ride afterwards.


Hot Night!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Elks Lodge 8635 SE 15th St, MWC

Come hang out with your HOG family!!

Social hour starts at 6pm info at 7pm

Lunch Ride

Charlie's Grill - Choctaw, OK

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Meet at OnCue #100 Reno and

MacArthur at 930am

KSU 1000am 

New Members Orientation

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Meet at HDW 930am

Lunch ride to follow

Lunch Ride

Rooster's - Jones

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Meet at HDW 1000am

KSU 1030am

Lunch Ride

Smokin' Joes - Stillwater

Meet at OnCue 15st and

I-35 Edmond at 1000am

KSU 1030am

Lunch Ride

Bootleggers - Medicine Park

Meet at HDW 930am

and KSU 1000am

HOG Rallies 2023

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OKC HOG Chapter #4029

Instagram OKCHOG


Pick up Mileage forms at H.O.T. Night or the dealership.
Ride 365 includes the existing Lifetime Recognition and two new Programs

Annual Recognition and an annual Chapter Challenge.

Get by Harley-Davidson World ASAP and have your mileage recorded to enter the program.

Let's see if our Chapter can win a pizza party with a H.O.G. Regional Manager!

(For more info visit the mileage page on


Be sure to Check Out the OKC HOG Calendar for more upcoming events!

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

Activities Officers

Duties and responsibilities:
Assisting in planning and administering Chapter events.

2022 Stephanie Childers  2023 Steph Childers

2020   Stephanie Childers 2021 Steph Childers

2018   Carla Tellier             2019  Carla Tellier

2016   Tracy Ross               2017  Tracy Ross

2014   Tracy Ross               2015  Tracy Ross

2012    J.R. Leach                2013  Tracy Ross

2010   Stacey Dill                2011  J.R. Leach

2008   Paul Purser              2009  Stacey Dill

2006   Harold Thompson  2007   Paul Purser

2004   John Mace                2005   John Mace

2002   Rick Gracia               2003   Rick Gracia

2000   ????                            2001   Dale Jones

1998   Roger Perkins/

            Hope McGlathery/

           Mike Wolfe                1999 Danah Harper

1996   George Harper        1997  George Harper

1994   Jim Brenner              1995  George Harper

1992   Ce Ce Costillo          1993   Ce Ce Costillo

1990                                      1991   Ce Ce Costillo

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